Aag De Beej

Agg de Beej:

This novel was written by Mitter Sain Meet in the year 1971 and it was published by Sh.Gurcharan Singh, fonder of Naxaite Movement in Punjab, in the same year. At that time Naxlite  movement was at its peak. Meet was influenced with the philosophy of this movement and was preaching it through his writings. In this novel he has presented the anguish of the unemployed youth who succeeded in getting higher education through hard work and, who were dreaming to get the opportunities to rise as per their qualifications. The corrupt political system was not allowing them to achieve their goals. Due to unemployment and injustice, the youth was adopting the path of revolution. This novel was highly appreciated by the revolutionary elements in those days. It was described as the representative of the Naxlite Movement and literature. That problem is still present in the country and has taken a more serious turn. It is due to these reasons that even after 40 years, this novel is still popular among the youth of Punjab. That is why, its 3rd edition has been published recently (in 2010) by Chattar Singh Jeewan Singh Amritsar.

Ist Edition

Year : 1971

Publisher : Sahit Kender, Katra Sher Singh

Amritsar- Pb




2nd Edition

Year: 1987

Publisher: Balraj Sahni Yadgar Parkashan,





3rd Edition

Year : 2010

Publisher : B.Chattar Singh Jeewan Singh


Email : CJSsales@hotmail.com


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