Second Agency of the system is Judiciary. Its main function is to impartially access the evidence, collected by the Investigating Agency to prove the guilt of the accused. If the accused is found guilty then he is to be punished suitably. If his  guilt is not brought to book then he is to be acquitted of the charges. But this Agency is also siding with the effluent class. False evidence is created by the police. It is believed by the courts to convict the innocent people. In novel Katehra (second part of the triology) is anti- people character of the Judiciary is depicted.

To ensure conviction of Pala- Meeta, police with the help of Public Prosecutors, fabricated evidence and presented the report in the court. Under the leadership of Gurmeet, Action Committee constituted a legal cell to defend Pala- Meeta. Legal Cell conducted the case with a missionary spirit. With the joint efforts of legal cell and other wings of Action Committee, defence side succeeded in establishing beyond doubt that evidence collected by police was false and fabricated. Acquittal of Pala- Meeta was sure. Other side also smelled the rot. The Govt. side advocates advised the Chief Minister that if the Judge is not approached then Pala- Meeta will be acquitted. With their acquittal image of Chief Minister will be transhed. Next election was at the door steps. If laxity is shown the angry people may defeat him in the election and his political career may come to an end. Chief Minister obeyed their dictate and deputed his confidential Justice to influence the Judge. The Judge was honest, socially conscious and fully convinced that Pala- Meeta were innocent, but he could not bear the political pressure. By ignoring all legal and ethical norms and by suppressing his loud inner voice he held the innocent as murderers and sentenced them to undergo life imprisonment. The Action Committee, though frustrated but did not loose heart. It decided to continue the struggle till Pala- Meeta are not declared as innocent. This novel is also appreciated by the readers. Till now its three editions have been published.

Ist Edition

Year : 1993

Publisher : Lahore Book Shop, Ludhiana-Pb






 2nd Edition

 Year : 1993

 Publisher : Cooperative Publication,






3rd Edition

Year : 2007

Publisher : Lahore Book Shop, Ludhiana-Pb


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