Kaurav Sabha

In theory, Judiciary is independent and impartial. In practice, it is otherwise. Money and personal contacts play a major role in the decision making process. Legal evidence is twisted. Laws are interpreted as per requirement and acquittal of influential offenders is ensured. This ugly side of the face of Judiciary is the subject matter of Kaurav Sabha.
Pankaj and Neeraj, two brothers have a grudge with his uncle Ved and his family members. To settle the score, they hired some professional criminals. The miscreants were directed only to burgle the house, to commit robbery and to thrash family members. Robbers crossed their limit. They murdered Kamal a young boy, raped Neha a teenager and caused grievous hurts to Ved and his wife Neelam. To avoid arrest and punishment, Pankaj- Neeraj used their personal contacts and paid heavy bribe from a lower rank Sepoy up to the Head of the police department, from the Ardali of a Magistrate, to the Judge of the High Court. The bribed Judges, took benefit of the pro-rich character and technical weakness of Criminal Justice System and acquitted the culprits.
The grief, sorrow and helplessness of the victim have also been beautifully depicted. Law is safe-guarding the interest of the accused and is completely ignoring the interests of the victim. If accused falls ill, medical arrangements are made for him at State expenses. If he is unable to engage an efficient Advocate to defend himself, an Advocate of his choice is arranged by the Govt. Professional training is provided to the accused so that after release from prison, he may earn his livelihood. On the other hand, no medical aid is provided to the injured/victim. Victim has to appear in-person to narrate his woes and have to face cross examination from expert Advocates. No arrangement is made to rehabilitate the disturbed victim. Meet has successfully advocated this cause of the victim in this novel.
Kaurav Sabha received well deserved appreciation from all quarters of literary world. Till now, its four editions have been published. At one time it was taught as a part of syllabus of M.A. Punjabi from Amritsar to Delhi, including Kurukshetra. In these days it is a part of syllabus of MA Punjabi of Punjab University and of Guru Nanak Dev University. Eminent Punjabi critics have written about 60 articles on this novel. One complete book Parsang Kaurav Sabha has been written by Sh.Amarjit Singh Grewal.

 Ist Edition

 Year : 2003

 Publisher : Chetna Parkashan, Ludhiana-Pb





2nd Edition

Year : 2003

Publisher : Chetna Parkashan, Ludhiana-Pb





 3rd Edition

 Year : 2005

 Publisher : Lokgeet Parkashan, Chandigarh





 4th Edition

 Year : 2011

 Publisher : B.Chattar Singh Jeewan Singh


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